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Can You Sing

I waited awhile to blog about this, I guess just out of respect for Whitney Houston. But I was at a club the weekend of her death. I was sitting with two friends when this cowboy guy came up to me and asked if I was a big fan of Whitney Houston. Before I answered the question I was thinking, why - is it because I am the only black female in your vicinity. Anyway, I answered the question with yes, I loved her, were you a fan? He said not really, and proceeded to share with me his philosophy on having a last high. He then leaned towards me and with a huge grin he whispered, "Can you sing?" No, I replied. "Are you sure?" Oh absolutely I'm sure. He looked puzzled and said, "Can you carry a tune?" Nope, can't carry a tune. "Come on, sure you can, sing something," he said.

Are you kidding me...what is it with people. Apparently all black people can sing, just like all cowboys chew tobacco. I honestly think he expected me to stand up and belt out I will Always Love You.

My friend told me that I should of said to him that I'm only half black so I got the dancing gene.


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