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I stayed the night in Tucson Saturday at my in-laws home.

I was actually excited to get away for some much needed rest and quiet. I love my solitude and haven't had it in a few months - I knew I would be able to sit and read with no noise or interruptions since they nap all day and go to bed at 7p.m.

What I didn't anticipate was me eating dinner at 4:30 p.m. and falling asleep at 8 and actually sleeping through the night... love senior living!
As for my husband, going to bed at 8 had him awake at 4 a.m sitting in the dark reading on his nook.

I was going to blog from their house, but remembered that they have dial up - no one has time for that. So, we did a few chores around the house for them... like digging up a tree and St Joseph - replanting the tree in a different area and reburying St. Joseph... ate breakfast and headed back to Phoenix.

Back to reality!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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