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Focus Wraps

Krystal Holland, Creator and Owner of Focus Wraps

Yesterday Krystal Holland, owner and creator of Focus Wraps came over so I could take a peek at her beautiful wraps. She has created some solid wraps, but my favorites are still the one's that have a word of inspiration on them. Such as, Hope, Blessed, Beautiful and Survivor to name a few. She has a  variety of sayings and colors to choose from, and she is always creating new designs.                                                                                                        

It was difficult for me to make a decision on one, but I ended up with a hot pink bandanna with a silver butterfly and the word Hope across it - my husband's is black with the word Determined on it. (He'll be using his when he rides his motorcycle)

As I sat looking at Krystal's line I realized how versatile they are. My daughter tied one around her waist for a bathing suit wrap, which can also be used as a top. (She's going to purchase a couple to take with her to the beach) You can also use some as a scarf or a shoulder wrap.

I really enjoyed my afternoon with Krystal and I'm extremely excited that she will be showing her beautiful wraps at The Shutter Release Project's October Show.

 She is such a beautiful and inspiring woman filled with words of love and encouragement.

Krystal's Story: Focus Wraps was an idea birthed out of my own story of fighting for my life. I have lived with chronic sickness and disease from the time I was the age of 3. I was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome, which is a rare disease amongst African-Americans. At the age of 3 this disease almost killed me. By the time I was a young adult I had spent countless days in and out of the hospital from the age of 3-22 years of age due to constant affliction in my body. I married at the age of 22 and gave birth to my first child by age 23. At this time in my life I was dealing with undiagnosed chronic issues going on with my liver. From the years 2005-2009 the affliction in my body tripled, I lost over 40lbs and had legions all over my lungs. During this time I saw over 14 doctors in one year because nobody knew what was wrong with me.

In mid 2007, I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease, and due to chronic liver disease I was limited to modern day treatments. For almost five years I weighed 106 pounds, lost much of my hair due to malabsorption, and I still had to maintain the duties of being a wife, mother, and woman of God. Throughout my life I have had to learn how to maintain a “WARRIOR” mindset in the battle of sickness and infirmity. Covering up my head with hats, wraps, and scarves was what I had to do because I was losing hair and I was too weak to do anything with the hair I had.

Krystal Holland
When you are in a daily fight to make it by the hour, sometimes by the minute, SHIFTING your focus can take you a long way. For those that are down and out, whether it’s due to health concerns, broken relationships, family hardships, having a bad day or just NEEDING SOMETHING STYLISH AND ENCOURAGING; Focus Wraps will help you shift your focus to “fight” for whatever it is you need that day and not buckle to the mental warfare that comes to dictate our days. By the Grace of God, I am still a happily married woman with three precious boys. I have an amazing husband that has walked this journey with me. I am still walking this out and praying daily for a cure for all diseases. Focus Wraps are here to build you up, encourage you and shift your focus so you will be able to fight for whatever your heart desires. God bless you and be encouraged!!!


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