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Last night as I was sleeping I went to roll over around 2 am and I got a shooting pain through my knee. Let me apologize right now for mentioning it....I refuse to become that old person that talks about their surgery's and their aches and pains every time you see them, but there's a point to this story. So I slept with my knee bent all night and woke up this morning wishing I had a High School football coach standing over my bed yelling " Suck it up Murray and get your ass out of bed - you have laps to run!"
But, it was just me convincing myself to straighten it and suck up the pain - which I did.
Anyway, I'm still in pain as I hobble around the house, but I'm hopeful when I do yoga this morning my knee will get it's shit together - I don't have time for this!

My husbands theory is all my old injuries from when I worked out like a crazy woman are coming back. (good theory, beats the old age theory) When I was jumping around in the 80's teaching high impact aerobics and doing boot camp before the P90X guy was born - no one mentioned the impact it was having on my body. Anyway, heres the moral to my story...I opened my eyes this morning and I still have a body that works(minus a lame leg) and I'm thankful for that!

Yesterday I started a Gratitude Journal - each night I'll put an entry of what I'm grateful for. I think we all get so busy with life and all the crap from the day tends to consume us and lingers on to the next day. So when I sit at night and think of what I'm grateful for, it releases my thought of the day.  Give it a try!

If you still didn't get where I was going with this (it usually sounds better in my head) the moral of this story is be thankful and grateful.

Have a great Monday!


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