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Day 1

We had a nice drive to California yesterday.

Makenna cooperated sitting in her seat for 6 hours and we only stopped once at a rest stop.(which totally disgusted all of the girls)

I love driving down the street to the condo and seeing the view of the ocean. If you know the Murray's  you'll have a visual while reading this next line. We screamed (yes screamed) we're in Cali at the beach, going to the condo - which turned in to a song  followed by dancing and several whoo hoo's!                      

As soon as we pulled up to the condo it was a quick unload the car, throw the bags in the bedrooms, put on the swimsuits and head to the beach.

We walk across the street to the beach, put our belongings down, take a few pictures and begin playing in the water when suddenly a huge wave takes our cell phones, shoes and sand toys while splashing my camera and the ipad. We were able to catch the cell phones, dry off the camera and ipad by borrowing a dry towel from a lady that was smart enough to set her things on a huge rock. So we now have two broken cell phones and 3 missing shoes.

Road Trip!

At the condo

On our way to the beach

Hoping for a not so wet day at the beach today!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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