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Yesterday evening I learned that Desitin is not just for diaper rash.

If you're around my age you remember the Tupperware steamer in Harvest Gold that separates in 3 pieces. (has probably been recalled)

I love using it to steam my fresh vegetables in the microwave and never have I had an accident with the boiling water, but last night when I pulled it out of the microwave I tried to avoid falling over two of the dogs waiting behind me in hopes of a green bean dropping. I lost my balance and tilted the steamer just enough to have the boiling water land on my right hand.

I have never had a burn before - immediately I put my hand under cold water but the pain wasn't stopping so I went online and went with the suggestion of coating the burn with Desitin Cream. It worked!

This morning my hand is swollen but I have no blistering and just a little pain on a couple of fingers.

Thank God for google and the ex waitress that guaranteed Desitin would work.


  1. I have that steamer in a terra cotta color, but have forgotten about it. It must be stashed in the back of a cabinet somewhere...I must look for it. Hope your hand is feeling better!

    I am enjoying your blog...I find it very inspirational!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog - happy you're enjoying it.
      As for my hand, it healed quickly with little scaring... the Desitin worked!

      If you decide to use your steamer again be careful. I'm still using mine, but I did go on the Tupperware website to check out the new and improved ( safer) ones.


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