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Day 4

I'm going to blog about Day 4 which is today. I'm starting to confuse myself by waiting to blog the following day, so you're going to get two today so I can keep it all straight.

On our way to Ricky Lake
El Capitan Theatre

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Today Kelsey and I went to the taping of the Ricki Lake Show at Culiver Studios and Tom took the girls to The El Captain Theatre in Hollywood to see Brave. They have Disney characters interact with the audience before the show - they both had a blast.

Now for the Ricki Lake Show - I've been on plenty of sets and this was similar to being an extra but without pay.

As we waited to be lined up and seated I met two women that live in California - one that worked in the industry for years. She was telling me how the I love Lucy was filmed in the same studio that Ricky Lake is now filming in. Anyway, we talked and laughed like old friends that had met for a mini reunion.

When it was time line up they decided that they wanted to walk in by Kelsey because they always put the cute young girls in the front row. So we get to the point where the person that ask how many are in your party. He looks at my new friend and she tells him that there's 4 and it's okay if he separates us.
Not a chance....seats for 4 and not on the floor. Of course Kelsey and I immediately look at each other and say, "We have to get out of this row!" Her plan is to tell the guy stopping people that she's allergic to the perfume of the person she's sitting by. My plan is for her to just stand up and stretch because she's surrounded by old  frumpy people and maybe someone running around with a clipboard will notice she doesn't belong there. But before we could get a plan in play out comes Cory Almedia to get the audience pumped for Ricki. He pulls a guy up and has him dance - the audience is laughing, clapping and pumped. He's now running around the set screaming, "I need two women to volunteer." I'm screaming, waving and pointing at Kelsey so she can at least get the hell out of Dodge. He picks her and has her dancing - she too gets the audience screaming, but out comes Ricki Lake before she's expected (to say hi). So back to her seat she goes where we stayed through the entire taping.

Ricki was beautiful and gracious - the set is decorated beautifully and is comfortable feeling as if you're sitting in someone's living room. As for gifts, she's not Oprah - we got a book that was written by one of the guests.(Kelsey declined the book)

Have a great night!


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