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I've shared with you that I have a friend that has a son that's an addict like my son.

We were just talking on Friday about our sons - I was telling her how thankful I was that mine is working and seems to be on the right track. Her son recently detoxed and is seeking employment - seems to be clean. The same day I had another friend that inboxed me on facebook saying that it looked like my son was doing good and how happy she was for him. I told her I keep praying he continues to go in the right direction - after both of those conversations I've been waking up in the middle of the night with him on my mind

 Sunday he came over to drop off a lawn mower and he hung out for a couple of hours. His eyes looked like he's doing something or like he hadn't slept, but with him no sleep typically means drug usage. Since he isn't living with me anymore and I only see him for a few minutes if he drops by, it's hard for me to know for sure.                                                                                                                              

He moved in with my older son and his family a month ago which I thought was great. If anyone can keep him guided and on the right path it would be my son. So I called this morning to ask how things were going - his response was, " I'm so frustrated with him right now - I know he's doing something."

What's interesting is I never stopped praying for him, but I started spending more time thanking God for him getting off of drugs, working, and becoming the man that he should be. But over the weekend I started thinking that I needed to continue praying that he wouldn't be tempted or slip back. I don't know,  maybe he is still on track, but I do know that I became way too comfortable and stopped fighting the enemy like I should.

At times I feel this is a battle that I can't win - it's a horrible and frustrating roller coaster ride. I know they have to want it so they can fix it, but the waiting and wondering if they ever will is the frustrating part for everyone involved... praying hard!


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