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Fun with Allie & Brad

We took Brad and Allie to Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale for dinner. It opened its doors in 1958 and is decorated with one of my favorite colors, PINK! Allie and I decided we want a pink room filled with pink decor - with my pink couch and chair I'm on my way.

The menu is mainly ice cream...shakes, floats and sundaes with  sandwiches such as BLT, burgers, turkey and tuna. They also have a light menu section with fruit and jello plates. What restaurant serves jello - love it!

You will also find through out the restaurant Family Circus by Bill Keane of Paradise Valley, AZ on their menu and in frames hung on the walls and placed on shelves.
We all had a good time - the ambiance was family fun.

After eating too much food we headed over to Scottsdale Lanes to bowl - which we decided none of us should try to be on a bowling league, but we had a blast!

Two hours later - I had a swollen thumb from it being jammed giving a high 5, the kids cell phones were dead, Tom's back was hurting, and everyone but Brad was exhausted - so off we went with an order of chili cheese fries to go. GOOD TIMES!!!!


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