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Yesterday I was talking to one of my sisters from Tucson and she was telling me that she's planning a trip to New Mexico to visit the home that she lived in as a young child because she feels that she needs some closure. I think if that's what she feels she needs to do, go for it! But for some reason I woke up thinking I want to go too.

I was a baby and out of the house when three of my siblings died in a fire there. But she and my other sister were in the house, so it's a nightmare for her.                                                                                              

I would like to see the house where they lived and walk through it with her. She also wants to visit the grave site which I did in my 20's, but I'm willing to go again to support her in this journey.  I know it's going to be extremely emotional for her, but I think the end result will be good.

I also found out that it's family living in the home, so it would be interesting to see and meet them since I really don't know my extended family. I have to admit I carry some bitterness with family that I feel could of rescued us but decided to turn their backs instead. I'm not trying to work on fixing that though - it was what it was and it is what it is, but I didn't go through the hell that my sister's and mother did.

I'm really excited and proud of my sister taking this step - It takes courage to face our fears.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


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