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I woke up way too early this morning. 

Yesterday Makenna was playing with Tom's phone so we woke up to an alarm that sounded like the phone ringing at 4am. I will be ready for bed by 7 tonight.

I read a few devotionals before I ventured out of bed to make my way to the coffee. After pouring a huge cup I joined the dogs in the backyard. We sat watching a quick shower of rain and enjoyed the morning view - at least I did, the dogs decided to ditch me to run in the grass.

As I sit staring at the sky and the palm trees I can't help but think that I need to do this more often. I never take time to enjoy the view. My morning usually begins with me running around the house with a cup of coffee in my hand which usually ends up cold before I have time to finish it. I'm actually enjoying listening to the birds chirp, but I have to admit that I'm really tempted to grab the broom and start sweeping the patio - I have relaxing issues, but I'm forcing myself to stay seated and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. 

I believe when I get close to the end of my journey on this earth - my memories of  the simple things in life will be my treasures.

 It's not about having it all. It's about having what you value most. 
- Jean Chatzky


Have a beautiful Sunday - take some time to enjoy the simple things in life.


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