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10 Simple Things to Remember

This morning I started cleaning the garage and came across a greeting card that I thought would be good to share.

10 Simple Things to Remember

1.   Love is why we are here.
2.   The Most important day s today.
3.   If you always do your best, you will not have regrets.
4.   In spite of your best efforts, some things are out of your control.
5.   Things always look better tomorrow
6.   Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you exactly to the right place.
7.   Sometimes when you think the answer is "no" it's "not yet."
8.   True friends share your joys, see the best in you, and support you through challenges. 
9.   God and your parents will always love you.
10.  For all your accomplishments, nothing will bring you more happiness than the love you find. 

The card is by Children of the Inner Light

Have a great Tuesday!


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