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Party Time!

Today I'm preparing for a slumber party that I'm hosting Saturday with all the girls in the family.

When I asked my 7th grade granddaughter if she wanted to have a slumber party, her response was, What's that?" We both had a look of confusion on our face until I responded with, " sleepover?"  I wasn't sure if that was what they're calling it these days since me using the words slumber party was like I spoke a foreign language to her, but she said, "Oh, OK!"  I   have to admit for a brief moment I actually felt old. Although, I am doing it old school with charades, twister, junk food, old movies, old music, and a possible pillow fight! Yup! I'm taking it back.

This party has an age range of 4 - 55...wish me luck!

Peace, Love & Hug!


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