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Practice Kindness

A couple of days ago I was in the Dollar Tree, and was greeted with a big smile and welcome when I entered by a young woman with cute pink hair.
As I walked around the store I over heard talking to a co-worker stating that she didn't sleep well, and was in a bad mood that she just couldn't seem to shake.
 I walked down each isle shopping tuned into her voice for some reason. I heard her greeting and having upbeat and positive conversation with every customer that she checked out. As I walked up to the register I received no different from her - she complimented and commented on a few of my purchases, and we laughed about my weaknesses and calorie intake like we had been friends for a life time. The giggles continued as she tore my receipt from the register and said, "And this is for you," with a huge smile across her face. I replied with, "And this is for you," handing her a card that my friend Sara and I hand out when we witness kindness.
As she was reading the front and back of the card I said, "I overheard your conversation that you were in a bad mood and couldn't shake it. I listened to you as I walked around the store, and you've been kind to everyone including myself, thank you!" She thanked me with tears in her eyes and that huge smile I that I had been a witness to as she held on tightly to the card bringing it to her chest as if I had just handed her a winning lottery ticket.
Just a reminder that it doesn't cost a thing to be kind. Be kind in your journey - Kindness does matter!

Peace, Love & Hugs!


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