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When you make the decision that your dream is going to become a reality in a specified time, be prepared to be exhausted through the journey.

I can't even think clearly this week because my brain is on overload, and in case you don't know, it's a 56 years old brain! I'm finishing school this week so lots of work there, and now I have school for my new job which involves a lot of memorization. I know there's others doing more, and it's all doable - I'm just tired and fried! My brain is use to me inputting useless information such as, answers to weird stuff that no one really cares about, preschool activities, song lyrics, positive quotes, and anything that you want to know about Bravo TV. Shallow you're probably whispering under your breath about now, but I really do and know more - it was just on my time. I now have to be accountable to someone else. As for Bravo, I unwind to Bravo TV in the evening as I enjoy my wine. It's just ridiculous TV that's laughable. (the shows I watch)Which brings me to another issue - no wine time or Bravo. By the time I get home it's bed time! But as I stated in the beginning I want some different things in my life within the next 5 years so I need to step out of my comfort zone and work my ass off! So tonight while you're sipping your wine, think of me. I'll be learning, studying, and meeting new people for the next chapter of my life. Cheers!


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