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I Took The Plunge!

I took the plunge and in a couple of weeks I will have to be accountable for my time by working for someone other than myself. I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone! (the comfort of my home) But I'm more excited by the idea of a regular income on my part because as an entrepreneur it's a feast or famine life at times.

 My husband asked me if I was excited to begin working. I said, "Of course, I love being a slave to the man." Don't start emailing me because I used the word slave - I'm just being honest with what I said. I'll rephrase it by saying, Of course, I love being a worker to the man. Better?


It's been many many years since I interviewed for a job so I hadn't experienced a background check or a drug/alcohol test in my life. As I sat patiently in the facility for my alcohol/drug test (3 hours) I began to question how much I really wanted a job, but I stayed and considered inquiring about a position since no one seemed to understand the value of time. I thought perhaps I could help them to become more efficient and aware.

Once getting called to the testing area I was handed a key and told to lock up my belonging, keep the key, wash my hands, and pee to a line on the cup - no less or no more.  There was no sorry we kept you waiting or how are you pleasantries, but she did acknowledge me asking how she was with a smile. My thought was she's burnt out on handing out the key and the pee cup - understandable!
My only complaint once entering the assigned bathroom was the urine splattered behind the seat - maybe wiping the bathroom down needs to be added to someones job. I don't use public restrooms because I have germ issues, so this almost made me politely hand her the cup back and forget about working outside of my home - I decided I'd face my fear.

I was thankful when the experience of  the drug/alcohol test had ended, and assumed that I would hear from my future employer in a couple of days - not the case! A week had gone by and I started to question my wine intake along with wondering if my identity had been stolen and I had done some bad stuff that I wasn't aware of.
Finally, the call came on Monday stating that all is good and it's a go.

Life is about to change a little for me, but I will continue my Life Coaching, Murraytalk Facebook Page, and a few days of blogging.

Can't wait to start the new journey!
Peace, Love & Hugs!


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