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Thanks to Melissa & Dee

          I just had to share this collage that my daughter Melissa and her assistant Dee created. I know that they wear their shirts proudly and share their story to inspire others. Thank you!!!!                      

I just love that people can relate to my Murraytalk T-shirts. Each person has their own interpretation of  what Bent Not Broken means to them. I have found that it's kind of a right of passage for some.                  

We live in such a judgmental society that it's difficult to be authentic - we tend to personify someone that has had no personal struggles. I don't know of anyone that has skated through life without a few bumps and bruises along the way. We need to stand proud and let people know this is who I am. We don't need to be consumed by our past, but we do need to be a witness to others when the opportunity arises. Our personal story educates, lessens the burden for others, and creates hope. We need to be authentic and true to who we are. If people are going to judge based on our past - they don't need to be in our life. The people that should be a part of your life are the ones that gave you hope when you felt there was none. The ones that continued loving you when you were at your worst. The ones that could make you smile when all you wanted to do was cry, and the ones that told you it was okay to cry; the ones that always had faith in you, prayed for you, believed in you, and the ones that accept you for who you really are. I have always told my kids I could of been a lot of things based on my early life, but I chose to go in a different direction. I'm not perfect, but I'm better than what I could of been, and I'm true to who I am. You're always going to get the same Carolyn. Some will like me, understand me and stay. While others will move on - I'm okay with that. If I can share my story and help someone that's struggling even if it's for a brief moment - I'm good with that.

It's so easy to judge without knowing someones story - we're all guilty of it. I use to see teenagers living on the streets and immediately judge their parents. What parent would throw their child out in the streets... what kind of life did that child have that they felt the need to live on the streets. One day I became one of those parents. My child was living on the streets not because of my parenting, love, or living conditions. It made me realize that addiction doesn't discriminate. You can come from the best families, grow up in church,etc., and addiction grabs someone that you love and holds on to them tight making them believe all the lies. I don't judge anyone living on the streets. They are somebody...someones child, someones parent, someones brother, someones sister, and better yet, Gods creation. We cannot judge peoples choices without knowing their stories. Not to say that we should judge, but if that's what you do - get the facts before placing judgement.

My T-shirts are about empowerment. Don't let this world beat you up and tear you down. You are worthy.
Your walk is your testimony - don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're not good enough.

Peace, love & hugs!


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