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What Is Your Main Purpose In Life

My girlfriend and I often say, "Someday life will be normal." But as the days and the years continue to go by I think this just might be my normal.

So my question is, if the chaos that continues to get thrown in my life is my normal, what am I suppose to be doing with it? I have to admit that I've learned quite a bit from it all. For example, I'm more knowledgeable than I ever thought I would be when it comes to addiction. I would make a great relationship counselor with all the drama that I get thrown in the middle of, and lets not forget happiness - pretty confident I can get you there if that's where you want to be. So is this what I'm suppose to be doing with my life?  

 I find myself at least 3 times out of the year asking God, "What is your plan for me, what is my purpose?" Maybe this is His plan - I don't know. Maybe I just think too much, maybe I ask too many questions, or maybe I need medication. Do I really need to know the answer or just continue going through life doing what I'm doing?  Well, the way my mind works I needed an answer because that's all I'm thinking about at the moment, so I googled What's my main purpose in life and took a quiz on         

My answer is to raise a family, which confirms this is my normal.

I love taking these silly quizzes...keep loving life and it will love you back!

What`s your main purpose in life!?
To raise a family.
The family is a crucial part in your life and you strive to do the best job you possibly can in bringing up and taking care of a healthy, happy family. Spending time with your loved ones is the most precious thing in life to you. You are a family person at heart, and your family is lucky to have you.

Peace, Love & Hugs


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