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Do You Love Yourself

What do you love about yourself? I'm not talking about the exterior you - we can all love our exterior with a good plastic surgeon and a good weave. I'm talking about the authentic you.

I was preparing for my upcoming workshop yesterday when the question, what do you love about yourself popped in my head. That led me to the decision that March workshop is going to be on Loving Yourself.

Did you know that's okay to love yourself? Not in a conceited way where you think you're better than others, but in a acceptance way. It can be difficult to see our self- worth, and it's not always easy to love and embrace all that is good in us. I think we're all a little guilty of being too hard on ourselves. We can pick out flaws that know one else even imagines in us. Why do we beat ourselves up like that? It's because we begin to believe all the garbage in our head. Our subconscious mind is powerful - we feel in our body what we represent in our brain. You need to throw the garbage out and fill your mind with goodness. For over 30 years before I get out of bed in the morning I read something inspirational. It can be a bible verse, a quote, a blog, a positive affirmation  - something positive. I use to have to search for inspiration years ago, but now with having a smart phone inspiration is delivered to me each morning. I'm a witness that a daily dose of positive will change your life. You will begin to understand who you really are, and loving yourself will follow. Things like doubt and fear will begin to fade away - you will let go of the things that are not good for you or your health, and you'll stop chasing after the people that don't love you for you. You'll begin to see who the toxic people are in your life and realize that you need to move on for your own well being. You will truly believe these three words, I Am Enough. So quit blaming your life on everyone else and fix (love) yourself. Burn a bridge and move on!        

It takes soul searching and being honest with yourself to begin working on loving you; but once you accept yourself and begin the journey you will find peace and happiness within you. I think we all deserve that...don't you?

Always remember that you are uniquely and beautifully made...Love Yourself!

Peace, love & hugs!


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