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Boy am I happy for Monday!

I had a draining Sunday due to a situation that happened and stayed in my thoughts longer than it should have. So today I'm going to write about it and release it.

A gentleman around the age of 60 that had both legs amputated decided that myself and a coworker was his verbal punching bag. As he screamed at us he always managed to say, I'm an amputee in each sentence. We both remained as calm as humanely possible, and I mentally reminded myself as the horrible and hurtful words were spewing out of his mouth - hurting people often hurt people as a result of their unresolved issues. But, what I also was reminded of  how damaging words can be.

I went home and had dinner with my family, relaxed, and did my usual night routine, but I continued hearing his hateful words. I couldn't seem to shake those thoughts. It could be that I hadn't experienced behavior as such after I left home at 18, so I wasn't mentally prepared for it, or he triggered a memory from my early life of hearing disparaging words and it broke me a little. ( I think it was a little of both)  Either way it was a reminder to me how words can lift you up or tear you down in a matter of a few seconds. I attempt to use my words daily to lift up because I know what that kind of brokenness feels like, and no one deserves to feel that way.

We need to remember to speak with kindness and love, and teach this to our children so they grow up to be kind caring adults; unlike the man that I encountered.

I don't know his story because he didn't allow me to find out, but I'm sure he has blessings in his struggles that he's blinded to because hate and anger has taken over. By the end of my night I was able to finally feel compassion and I prayed for him. Yes, that should have been what I was doing while he was raging, but his words consumed my thoughts to where all that I wanted at that moment was for him to leave and never return. I'm praying this week is a  better week for him.

 Don't forget to look for and acknowledge your blessings during your struggles. We all have unfair things happen to us in life, but you can't let bitterness take root. 
Peace, Love, & Hugs!


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