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My Super Power

I had a Superwoman moment this morning. Actually a day in my house with animals and children is always a job for Superwoman, but today I actually had to leap in a single bound.
I have a 16 year old Pekingese that has a bad back leg, her hearing is almost gone, she can barely see, and the majority of the time I'm issuing a Silver Alert because she gets lost in the house and can't find her way back to the kitchen. 

This morning after walking in circles for awhile and making a couple of trips down the hallway, she finally made it to the kitchen to go out. I let her out while having my typical I don't want to conversation with the 2 year old, along with me calming the fussy newborn. The 6 year old had already decided to escape all of the chaos by retreating to her room. I'm also now trying to ignore the horrible sound coming from the piano that the 2 year old left open when he finished pretending that he was reading music, playing the piano, and singing to me his la, la, la song - now one of the cats is walking back and forth making music. Are you beginning to get a vision of my world?

As I'm being serenaded by the cat, my large dogs decided they want out - so out they go! I continue my deep discussion with the 2 year old on why you don't lay on the couch and fling your cup across the room while screaming, I'm done!  Suddenly my thoughts went to Phoebe (my old lady dog ) that hadn't barked to come in and had been out awhile. As I open the door I see my big dog partially in the pool looking down into it, and then Phoebe swims past like she's on vacation at a resort. What the hell! I glance back at the baby in her seat on the counter, and at the 2 year old running around. I look back at the pool and questioned how much time I had. Leaving a 2 year old unattended too long can be a dangerous thing. Can I get outside and back in before he notices ... no time to scream for the 6 year old to be in charge. So out I go... running, jumping in, and scooping Ms. Phoebe up before I was even missed. (Thank you Kimberly Cosenza for teaching me how to swim)

He didn't even notice I was soaking wet and holding a wet dog when I walked by him. It could be because he had made a nice puddle at the play kitchen cooking with some water bottles he had taken off the counter. Someday I'll learn to put the lids back on - at least he didn't go for the baby!

I'd have to say my super power for today was my super speed!

Peace, Love, & Hugs!


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