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Seeking Geechi Pie

I don't have a lot of great childhood memories, but food is one memory that has stuck with me.

My father loved to cook and share his food. I now know that food was his love language - it's a love language that speaks to all five senses. I think I inherited a little of it because I am a food pusher. Alright, I'll be honest - food is my love language. I love to cook it, share it, and eat it - I love food!

Anyway, he use to make this dish that he called Geechi Pie that was to die for.
I've been craving it for approximately 30 years, and have asked every black woman that I meet that is over the age of 70 how to make it. Thus far I haven't found the right woman with the recipe that I'm seeking. So yesterday I decided to try and recreate it simply from memory of taste and looks.

What it is basically is a beef pie with Mexican spices. I remember the broth being natural juices, but I decided to flour and sear my meat before I threw it in the crock ( he didn't use a crock pot) I won't flour it next time before searing because the broth was more of a gravy. I wanted a bite to it so I threw in fresh jalapenos and a lot of green chill's, cayenne pepper, and Tony Chachere's more spice. I wish I had thought of cumin at the time, but next time. I also put a layer of spanish rice on top of the meat before putting the top pie crust on. (no rice in my dad's) The smell was heavenly, and the appearance was acceptable, but the taste wasn't quite right. Maybe the rice threw it off a bit.

My food critics (husband and daughter) gave it a thumbs up, but I'm not yet satisfied - so more Geechi Pie to come!

The pictures aren't great because they were done with my cell, and I'm not a food photographer, but this is what it looked like. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help me perfect it, please share!


We did end the dinner with a a family recipe of my husbands that's been passed down since the 60's...delicious crepes that are always done right!

Peace, Love, & Hugs!


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