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Just Say Thank You

I'm not sure at what age I learned to appreciate and acknowledge what others do for me; but as an adult it is something that I always practice.

People have their own lives to manage, and we're all busy juggling what life throws at us unexpectedly, so the fact that someone takes the time to do kind and thoughtful things for me cannot go without acknowledgement as far as I'm concerned. I'm talking about a simple thank you that can now be sent through a text. I'm probably one of the rare breeds that loves to send cards, so I don't have that expectation from others. I'm sure most of you are saying that I shouldn't have any expectations, but I do. I believe in the words thank you, and it is the two words that we are taught as toddlers. We hand them something and almost immediately we ask, now what do you say, and they mutter thank you. So from this day forward I will say, now what do you say, to those that have forgotten that lesson. Furthermore, I call bullshit on being too busy, didn't hear my phone, and I didn't get your text.

Can you tell that I have a bit of an attitude with all of this? I had a day yesterday of being ignored from two people that I constantly do things for, and I felt taken for granted. Maybe it wasn't intentional on their part, but it was how I felt, so I had to express my feelings to them. I had to let them know for my well being because I refuse to let anger supersede my joy - I had to get my peace back - stating my feelings did just that. Well, it almost did. I have to admit blogging about it makes feel even better.
So take time today to tell your go to person that you appreciate them - even if it's not National Appreciation Day, and if you did it on National Say Something Nice Day (June 1st) Do it again, and again!

There's blessings in gratitude!

Peace, Love & Joy


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