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Happy Thoughts

I have trained myself over the years to disconnect or detach myself from situations that cause me to feel overwhelmed because it steals my peace. I over think, obsess, and lose sleep because I can't clear my mind. I replay it over and over with different scenarios of how it should have or could have been. It's definitely not a place where I like to be; but our minds are constantly filled with thoughts, and unfortunately some that are  troublesome. From negative thoughts to visions of terrifying things that may happen. By the way, the terrifying horrible things seldom happen, and a thought is just a thought.

 But as we all know situations occur in life that cause us to go to an emotional place that plays with our mind.  For example, I was having positive thoughts about an individual that I believed was making good choices and achieving great progress. But a conversation with a third party led my thoughts in a different direction. It broke my heart to think it was true, but my mind went from the positive thoughts to negative thoughts based on our conversation. I had to tell myself to Stop! I didn't need to start assuming and thinking the worst. I didn't really know the full extent of the situation so it was ridiculous to allow my mind to run wild and free with crazy and negative thoughts. I needed to let it go and snap my mind back to my silver lining thinking. I had to reframe my thoughts to not lose my peace. 

Reframing simply involves identifying the negative thoughts and replacing them with more positives ones. I say simply, but it requires practice, patience, and commitment like most things in life. When you notice a negative thought occurring, consciously and deliberately interrupt it with a positive one. There is always something positive that you can reflect on. Practice daily and before long those negative thoughts will have only a short visit in your mind. 

Make today a day filled with Happy Thoughts!

Peace. love, & hugs!


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