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Got It Off My Chest

I'm going to vent today.

Last night I was on a break talking to a co-worker when I took a look at Facebook for a quick minute. What I was seeing made me think about the people that I have as friends on this social network. First of all let's be honest - most of us are not real friends. I truly have a handful of people that really know me.(family not included) I'm noticing that some that I have accepted as friends aren't really my cup of tea. For example, don't threaten that you're going to delete everyone that doesn't agree with you politically, and I see that I'm still your friend. Now I'm thinking you're a liar. Furthermore, does anyone have their own thoughts anymore? My real friends know that I'm not political - I'm about right and wrong. They also know that I don't agree just to agree - if you're my friend you respect that. I don't believe that it's acceptable to make rude and disparaging remarks about human beings, and it perturbs me when people find the need to correct what I post. It's facebook - not a college English class. Also, when the word Universe is used, I don't need you to comment God. I'm not here to judge what others believe in - my purpose is to speak my truth, have compassion against what I believe is injustice, love others without judgment, and be the best example that I can possibly be for my family and a hurting world. Which brings me to my posts that are probably annoying some of you. I believe in positivity (it's what I do for a living - I'm an empowerment coach) I believe in forgiveness even if it only benefits me, I have hope, and my higher power is God. I post things that feed my soul because that's how I changed my life. My friends know my story and understand my posts. I'm not asking anyone to agree with everything I put up, but I will say this, silence is golden.
I also believe in clean humor ( mostly involving wine), I make mistakes, sometimes bad choices, but I believe everyone does. I believe people can change - I call it having faith, I'm not a hypocrite, I'm not a jealous person, and I want success for everyone. I believe if people are living their life without hurting others, and aren't asking for my guidance or opinion - it's not my place to intrude; and fuck is my go to word. So if any part of me offends you in anyway - I ask you to please delete me.

It's in our face everyday that life is short and none of us our promised another day. This is why I choose to live my life with little drama, no hate, and minimal chaos. I want to capture the good, the love, and the happiness in every moment of my life. It doesn't mean that I'm selfish, naive to what is happening in the world, or that I have no compassion. I choose to pray for people versus becoming involved in the social media wars. I believe in the power of prayer, and I have faith that there will be a better world for my grandchildren and generations to come. #stayingprayedup

Blessings to you all!

Peace, Love & Hugs


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