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Struggles In Life

Last week I talked about how so many of us are living chaotic lives and feeling like we have no purpose. I stressed how impactful our stories are and how just a word of hope can change someone's life.

It was five days after I wrote that I was led to share my story with a hurting soul that's spirit had been crushed. As I sat listening to the words that could barely be spoken as tears ran down their cheeks, I could not only see, but could feel the hopelessness and hurt. I guided, gave hope, and then I said, "I hear that you don't believe in God - why?", I asked. With no real answer given, I got it. I knew exactly where she was coming from - a place of years of hurt and disappointment. A place where you've cried too many tears and screamed out to God for help more times than you can count, and your life remains the same. I was there many years ago. I was living a life of one day not believing because I saw no changes, and another day of believing because I had a day of peace, but most of time I just felt that God was mad at me. I was raised with misconceptions of God's wrath. I didn't have the proper teachings, therefore I didn't have the understanding. It's easier to believe that there's no hope than to stand strong in faith. I had to get my head right and stay strong because life was always going to challenge me. Our troubles are not a sign that God is angry at us - He is merciful. But, sometimes when your pain is so deep, you just stop. You stop praying and you stop believing.

The truth is we're are all going to have trials and tribulations - it's just life. You just have to endure it, survive it, and keep your mind positive so you don't lose hope, joy, or your peace through it.

Of all the struggles that I face in life today, knowing that God is faithful and keeping my mind positive has helped me get through each stumbling block a little easier. I know that it's difficult to understand why God at times allows us to fail or hurt, but He always has a plan for our life. All my years of trying to make some sense of why I had the upbringing that I had; I now know that it was for my testimony. I am an example of His grace and His goodness. So, please don't ever give up or stop believing. Your testimony will give hope, and possibly save someone someday. Stay strong!

  Peace, love, & hugs!


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