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Our Voices

Last week I had told myself to stop writing this blog. "What's the point I asked myself ?"
I shared that thought with my good friend Deborah, and what she expressed was the reason I had started sharing my journey in the first place. It's giving hope to someone that is struggling. We never know who we will impact.

There are so many people that live chaotic lives feeling like they have no purpose - I was one of them. I thought of what an impact one person sharing their story would have had on me during my darkest days when I felt nothing but hopelessness. Their survival story, or simple words such as, "You're going to make it." would have given meant everything to me.
We all have the capability to be effective in significant ways for others. We can turn our "ripples" into a powerful wave that will change the life of an individual, but not while sitting in silence. Our voices can be great tools in helping heal others. People need to hear your story and feel your kindness.

I talked about Helen Rose and what a positive influence she was in my life. She created a hunger in my soul to know God better. I want to create a hunger in people's souls. In writing bits of my journey I hope that this is what I'm doing for at least one person.

God wants each of us to have an impact and for us to use our abilities and opportunities He has given us to brighten the life of someone else. Just remember, whatever you do do, and however you do it - do it with love.

Peace, love & hugs!


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