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Vegas Fun...

I believe most people go to Vegas to gamble and party, but for me I go mainly to have a good night sleep along with a little gambling. I'm really not a Vegas kind of girl, but The Cosmopolitan continues to comp rooms for me so I continue to go.In fact, as soon as we got home there's an email from them offering two free nights for June or July.( I think we need to quit using our player card) It's not that I don't appreciate the offers, it's just not a place that I can frequent every month. We had one of their Terrace Suites on the 69th floor this time with a beautiful view of the city. I decided I could probably be happy and content living in a little high rise overlooking a city, but not in Vegas.

As usual I had my typical bad experience with food. I don't eat out much so maybe that's part of the problem, but I didn't have one good meal that I can brag about. All of the reviews for the Wicked Spoon raved on how great the food is. The only good that I can say is that the dessert bar was amazing - delicious! There were plenty of options and everything I tried was pretty impressive. I also have a teeny complaint regarding the casino, well not the casino I guess - just a waitress. As I sat at the slot machine playing I noticed the waitress passing me at least eight times never offering me a drink, but she made sure to service the men at the slot machines. Finally I walked over to my husband and here she comes asking him if he wants another drink. He said yes and asked if I wanted anything. She looked at me and said, "Can I get you something?" I said, " Now you're asking me - you walked by me eight times." She replied with, " Really, I didn't see you." Hmm... you didn't see me, pretty sure you did! The conversation ended with her saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, best of luck to you!" I heard and felt the sarcasm in the best of luck to you. My thought was you're just lucky I'm a lot older and calmer, because there would have to be some re-adjusting of that tone - End of Story! But overall it was a nice little escape. We took lots of selfies with backgrounds that we thought were awesome but you can't see in the pictures, and we both look 10 pounds heavier and in need of a nose job. What can I say - we suck at taking selfies.
Our view from the 69th floor

Our room

Beautiful Waterfall with amazing sculptures 


I got my rest, had great moments, and the company was great! That's all that matters to me.
 We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese


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