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My Weekend

It's a beautiful Monday in Arizona!

My weekend was a little busier than usual since I typically hang out around the house. Saturday we took the camera out (courtesy of Shutterfly) and shot some pics of my T-shirts. It was fun and crazy, but I don't think we did bad for being amateur photographers. Thank goodness my 14 year old granddaughter has been reading up and watching videos on the camera.(shes saving up for one) She pretty much has mastered it so she was a good little instructor and photographer.

After the shoot we made our way downtown to CityScape to celebrate a very special birthday. My niece, Alicia French, International Assignment Editor @ and editor and creator @ was in Phoenix to celebrate turning 30! Had a fabulous night with great food and awesome people. There's nothing like relaxing on a rooftop in January - kind of makes me one to stay in Phoenix. Anyway, on Sunday it was more photos with different family; and now I'm feeling like I want to save for this camera as well. I'm also feeling lucky that my husband is an employee of Shutterfly - it has its perks! I don't think I would of been interested in a camera otherwise - my iphone has become my camera.

Now that I have photos my next step is to learn how to build a website. We're never too old to learn new things, right?

As for the T-shirts I have to say that I'm feeling extremely blessed to be able to see my vision come to life while receiving such positive feedback. My daughter and grandson walked to Starbucks in between us shooting wearing the I Am Enough shirt - a guy and his girlfriend driving past stopped and commented on how much they loved it and where could they buy one. I quickly instructed them after they shared this with me to always wear a shirt under so they can sell the one off their back. Just kidding - kind of, not really. What can I say, I'm a hustler - I would sell it off their backs.
Also, I have had several people ask what is my inspiration behind the shirts. It came to me from my poetry writing and my Soul Writing Workshops that I host. I have changed my life through positive quotes and affirmations.(cheaper than therapy) My background is fashion so the shirts just made sense to me. You never know what struggles people are facing. Someone seeing me wearing a shirt that says I Am Enough or Bent Not Broken might just be what they needed for that day.

So far I'm selling them through my closet on Poshmark and to those who contact me directly through social networking sites, and from orders that my friends, children and grandchildren are getting. They are great walking advertisements for me! It feels amazing to have all the love and support that I get from them. I plan on doing trunk shows in the near future.
An idea is salvation by imagination. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Growth is the only evidence of life.  ~John Henry Newman, Apologia pro vita sua, 1864


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Yesterday I went in for my hair consultation for my locs. It's a little overwhelming trying to decide the size of locs, but this is what I decided.

Tuesday is the big day and I can't wait!

It's interesting though the responses I get from people when I say that I'm getting locs. I've gotten everything from that's interesting to don't you just let your hair get really dirty and don't comb it?

I'm well aware of how most of the world stereotypes black women by their hair. I think I've shared in past blogs how people approach me or don't approach me depending on the style of my hair.

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The Number 40

My husband and I have been planning a renewal wedding for our 40th Anniversary in 2017.
As we threw around a few ideas over lunch, the number 40 stuck in my mind - that's a lot of years!

I started thinking about how much growth we've had since starting this union at 18 years of age.
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2. We agree to disagree which is typically accomplished by changing the subject or silence.

3. We laugh at each other. I probably more at him, but we both find humor in each other.