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Last night the family came over for dinner to celebrate my daughter Melissa's Birthday. We made it simple and casual - grilled and had cupcakes and cake.

One of my granddaughters, Litzy, came over and made cupcakes with my daughter Kelsey. They baked Melissa's cupcake in a terra cotta pot - they put a bow around the pot and put a cute plastic wand with a glitzy star on the cupcake - (which caught on fire and melted on the cupcake) it was really cute.

When I purchased the pack of star wands the cashier said, "Oh a princess party. "  I said, " Yea, the princess is turning 32."  Crazy how quickly the years go by.                                                                                                                

Madison went to Build a Bear and made a bear that says I love you mom in Madison's voice. My personal gift to her was a shower cap because she always wants to borrow mine.                                  

She got fun and practical gifts and the evening wasn't too chaotic, so it was good.

Today is her actual Birthday - Happy Birthday Melissa!

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. 
-Jean Paul Richter
Happy Sunday... Peace & Love!


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