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I woke up this morning feeling like it was Fall because it was cloudy and dark outside -  motivated me to go for a walk.

Got Makenna in the stroller, plugged in the ipod, and Kelsey and I went for a 5 mile walk around the neighborhood. There was a time when I walked year round, but the older I get I can't seem to handle the heat, so I love the cooler weather!

I had a great visit with Carol and Arlene yesterday morning. When you go to Carol's you can always expect to feel like your being pampered at a 5 star resort. She is so elegant and proper with exceptional hostess skills.... entertaining is her thing. The table was set beautifully as usual, and the coffee and danish - delicious!  She will be leaving Wednesday to go back to Hawaii to take care of her granddaughter - hoping to be back by February to stay.                                                                          

I'm happy I was able to get together with both her and Arlene. Good friends are hard to find, so I cherish the ones that I have.

Have a Happy Thursday... Hakuna Matata!


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