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Is Your Root Bitter

The more that I write about my journey the more I have to protect my thinking and not let the thoughts of my past begin to consume me.

Last week I allowed my thoughts to go in a negative direction, thinking of my sister/niece stealing my mother's home and money. She was raised as my sister and my mother cared for her and loved her as her daughter, but once my father died it became apparent that our love and family were not important to her if there wasn't a chunk of money waiting for her at the end of the rainbow. 

I had to cut off all communication with her this year because her actions are unacceptable to me, and thinking about her choices caused too much restlessness in my soul; and you all know that I cherish my peace. 

What I'm getting at is that sometimes we have to walk away from those that we spent our entire life loving unconditionally. She was the one that I always protected. I removed her from the chaos as much as I possibly could when she was a child. We became even closer as adults speaking to each other daily and celebrating life's moments together; but I can't accept her choices. It just doesn't feel good in my heart, so I had to walk away.

I know that we are called to be kind and respectful toward other people, even when they aren't easy to love. I always make an effort to sow seeds of love, joy, and peace with every human that I come in contact with, but sometimes you just have to remove yourself and love from a distance so you don't create a root of bitterness. I won't allow what has happened to consume my mind and disrupt my daily walk because then the root will be doing it's job - stealing my peace and nourishing a weed of hatred.

We must always be aware of what we're allowing to grow in our soul. Are you growing healthy fruit or tangled weeds is the question that I ask myself daily. My past roots were deep and it took me years to bring them out of my hiding place to grow healthy fruit. Don't allow the actions of others to consume your thoughts and create roots of hatred or discontentment - you are in charge!

Peace, love & hugs! 


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