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Lies and Secrets

I don't want to say that I work really hard to be a good person, because that would imply that's not the true essence of who I am. The way I live my life is simple - honesty, loyalty, trust, and prayer.

If you live your life based on lies, I don't trust anything that you say or do. It's a personal thing. When you grow up in an environment based on secrets and lies, you value and respect honesty.

I had the honesty conversation with one of my granddaughters last night when my grandson blurted out some things that are going on in their home. Immediately my granddaughter reprimanded him stating that they're not suppose to tell people their parents business. I'm not going to lie, when she said that to him, the flashbacks started coming. I calmly explained to her that adults should never ask children to keep their secrets or lies, and if they live in fear of their business being told, maybe they should be living their life right, because I'm good with people talking about what goes on in my home. Simply because I'm not doing things that I shouldn't be doing! Am I saying that I'm perfect? Absolutely not, but I don't do things that would question my integrity.

My sisters and I had no one that fought for us, no one to tell us not to keep secrets, not to go along with the lies. We lived with a pedophile - all of his madness and his secrets were locked up in the vault of our souls planting weeds where flowers should have grown. We were held hostage to family secrets up until his death. I refuse to let the adults that are responsible for my grandchildren try to damage them by teaching them to lie and carry their secrets. 

I'm thankful that I live a life today based on faith. The old me would have been in a few people's face breaking them down with my words, and wanting to cause bodily harm. Oh, I still want to do that, but my faith tells me that I need to turn it over to God, so I'm praying for Gods will over them and this situation.

Peace, Love,, & Hugs!


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