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Time For A Change

It's day two of 2015 and I'm feeling the need to clean out my life. I am beyond tired of certain people and I can't continue the pretense. I don't have the personality that allows people to walk over me, nor do I typically entertain toxic people for more than a few months if I see no change coming their way. But certain circumstances had placed me in a position where I couldn't really voice my truth, but the time has come for it all to end - my season has ended.

 My mental list of things that annoy me has grown so I have to rid of them in order to have a clear mind and peace within me. I don't feel centered right now so it causes me a bit of anxiety. When there's constant negativity brought into my life it becomes toxic quick for me. I grew up with that shit and have no intentions of re-living it. Plus I'm sure my family will be pleased that I've decided to clean house so to speak since I tend to drop the "F" bomb more than anyone should be allowed to when I'm over things but haven't removed  it/them from my life. So I'm done with the people that take advantage, done with the stupidity of many, done with those that don't want change, and done with giving to those that take and take.

 Here's to a fresh start  with people that I love and enjoy, and to new experiences awaiting me in 2015!

“You’ve got to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old – whatever “the old” means for you.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

Happy 2015 - Peace, Love, & Hugs!


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