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Racism In My Neighborhood

I seldom talk about racism, but today I need to vent because an incident occurred that is ridiculous to me considering it's 2015.

Let me begin by saying that I am bi-racial. Native American, Black, Mexican, and European. Apparently I have an exotic enough look that most people aren't sure what nationality I am, but it's obvious that I'm not Caucasian. I did marry a man that is Caucasian so of course my children are bi-racial as well. One other thing that should be noted before I begin to vent is that I started school in the 60's and have no memory of racism being directed at me.
 Now time to vent..I live in a neighborhood that is predominately Caucasian, which of course makes the schools in the area not racially balanced. I remember going to the elementary school that I'm speaking of to register my children several years ago and the secretary asking me several times if I was sure that I lived in the neighborhood. (I am intelligent enough to know where I live) That was enough for me to make the decision to not put my kids in the school. Unfortunately, they did end up attending 5th and 6th grade due to changes in the school that they were attending. Anyway, my daughters roommate has a daughter that is bi-racial and she registered her in the school that I tried so hard to stay away from. Her daughter is in 3rd grade and has been coming home since day 1 saying that kids are telling her that she's ugly because she's brown, and that they don't play with brown kids. Today my daughter went to the school to drop lunch off to her and witnessed these little darlings saying that they're not allowed to play with her because she's brown and that they don't sit with colored kids. When my daughter called me upset my comment was, "what did you expect?" It's disgusting and ridiculous that a young child has to be exposed to that, but that is the mentality of many in my neighborhood. I'm embarrassed to be a part of this community.
I'm so tired of people posting on social sites about love and unity when they're living a lie. It's easy to pretend on social media that you believe in humanity, but live something different behind closed doors. Your children are a witness to the truth - they repeat what they're hearing.

My thought is if you're a racist own it so we all know what we're dealing with and can make an intelligent decision on how we want to handle it.


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