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Cheers To My Nickle

I have always been a super multi-tasker  which I contribute to having five children. I was pretty much forced into mastering it, but after yesterday I think I'm slowly losing my skills.

I was at Safeway grabbing a couple bottles of wine with my daughter when I remembered that I needed five dollars to add to a birthday card. As we rushed through the store I grabbed a couple of other items and ran to the express checker. She greeted me and I responded (that was my mistake) and she never stopped talking after our pleasantries. She told me how great the brand of ground turkey is that I was purchasing, and the expiration date on my can of cranberries as I was diligently working on answering the debit questions on the ATM machine. I was almost to the point of putting in my cash back amount when she asked where I got my shirt from. As I was thinking of where of where I got my shirt and focusing on the debit machine she continued raving about it - which by the way was a simple white t-shirt. I hit the last button needed to complete the transaction finally looking up when out comes my cash back...a nickle! Yup, apparently in my deep thought of where I had purchased my white t-shirt I forgot to put in a couple of zeros for my cash back. I grabbed my nickle out of the coin return lifting it up as if I had received a trophy, and laughed hysterically. I didn't know I could debit a nickle over. She apologized asking if I wanted to purchase gum and try again. Um, no thanks...I'll just take my nickle and call it a day. If I stayed any longer I'd be tempted to take my shirt off and give it to her.

What happened? I use to be great at listening to everything and everyone around me and still function. This woman made me lose my entire thought process in a matter of seconds, but I have to thank her because the end result was priceless. I laughed most of the day thinking about it, and I hadn't done that in awhile. There's something to be said about having a good laugh, so cheers to my nickle!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977); Comic Actor, Filmmaker, Writer

Peace, love and hugs!


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