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Blonde, Files, and Purses

I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin, but I have to admit that I'm still not completely use to sporting my new blonde look. Which brings me to share a little incident that happened to me when I ran to the grocery store yesterday.

I'm in a hurry so I was doing a happy dance in my head when I scored a parking space right up front. I jump out of my car ready to run in when I notice a woman getting into her car staring at me. I slowed my pace and stared back, which made her slightly uncomfortable, but not enough to stop. So now I have an attitude...I'm standing up straighter, making eye contact with her, along with having a conversation about her in my head stating that obviously she's shocked to see a black blonde woman, when suddenly I hear something hit the pavement. At that moment I understood it all.

I had bought a plastic file holder a few days ago for my car because naturally I need my car organized. As I climbed in my car to leave for the store it I decided to set my purse in it since it was empty and available.
What I didn't realize is that the container was attached to my purse when I jumped out of the car, which explains her stares. I'm quite sure she was having her own conversation in her head, and clearly it wasn't about seeing a black blonde woman. It was about seeing the crazy woman that carries her plastic file on the bottom of her purse. (she probably now has a new blonde joke)
Just so you know - I picked that file up off the ground and set it in my car like I knew it was there all along. I just changed my mind on using it in the store. I proceeded to walk away with my shoulders back and my head held high, turning only once to see if she was still looking. Once she drove away and I entered the store I had to laugh; which in turn made people in the store stare, but no assumptions were made on my part. Let them stare and wonder!

Peace, love, & hugs!!!!


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