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Piles in Life

My dear friend lost her mother in law a few months ago. I met up with her last weekend to help her clean out her house so it can be put up for sale. First of all, I fell in love with the house from the moment I pulled up. I could feel the energy that this home held, from family gatherings to neighbors passing by. It's the kind of house that you want to drink coffee on the front porch in the morning sitting on one of the rockers, and drink lemonade in the afternoon on the porch swing. It has all the charm of country living even though you're in the city. I fell in love with it!

As we started going through items in her bedroom and bathroom creating a pile for Goodwill, one for an estate sale, a trash pile, and a take home stack, I started thinking this is what the end of our life is really like. There's family members that are forced to make decisions on what to dispose of and what to keep. All of the things that you worked for and love go in one of the piles upon your demise. It was a sad thought for me.

I always go through a purging stage and question why I hold on to some things. I feel that I should be giving away now while I can see my family enjoy the things that have brought me joy, but I also question why I even care what happens to it. I did come to the decision as I was job searching yesterday and thinking about what state I want to move to - when my husband and I move it will be our clothes, our bed, and our fur babies that will come on our new journey - the rest can be left behind. Maybe I'm feeling this way because I have this overwhelming sense of starting over and living a simple life without all of the stuff, or maybe the thought of my life being sorted into piles is too much for me to think about right now.

Whatever the real reason is behind my decision to leave it all behind I guess really isn't that important since the thought of doing so has relieved some anxiety and has brought peace within me.

Looking forward to the day!

Keep dreaming, stay curious, and love life!


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